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If you like big, affectionate and good natured dogs, then a Bernese Mountain Dog would make a loyal companion for your family. Bernese Mt Dogs are one of the four breeds of Sennenhund-type dogs from the Swiss Alps, and the only one with long hair. They get their name from their place of origin called The Canton of Bern in Switzerland. These large dogs have roots in the Roman mastiffs and originated as farm dogs. Berners helped farmers by pulling carts, driving livestock to fields or market, and serving as watchdogs.

This highly versatile working companion is a strong, sturdy, agile breed. The thick, silky, long coat is tri colored and keeps them warm in cold climates. Which they love! They shed heavily because their coats are made for cold climates. Daily brushing and grooming helps diminish fur clumps in your house tremendously. A good vacuum is a must. BMD’s often reach weight well over 100 lbs and can reach 28” in height. This is a large breed that requires moderate exercise needs. They need lots of space and daily walks and do best when both their minds and body stay active. Berners can master many disciplines when trained to do so, like agility, drafting (pulling carts), obedience, tracking, service dog duties, and more. They love to hike and can carry their own backpacks. They also excel at swimming.

Temperaments of this dog breed tend to be intelligent, affectionate , loyal and faithful. Most often berner’s are goofy, lazy, friendly and gentle. They are imposing but not threatening, and they maintain an aloof dignity with stranger, BMD’s have a natural, strong guarding tendency and must be socialized as a puppy. They will guard their families, and In fact, if they are not proper socialized when they are young with people and pets they may have canine anxiety issues such as over reservation or not getting along with others. Berners are known to be fearful of new places or experiences if they aren’t often thrown into them, so make sure you are always taking them to new places during this early development period. They are smart dogs eager to learn. Their number one drive is food and treats, and positive reinforcement which makes training easy. Just remember, they can be slow and a bit stubborn, so be patient. If they are left alone too often , they may develop destructive behavior due to boredom or seperation anxiety. They Want to be where you are.

The personality of this breed is what makes them so popular as a top choice family dogs. They are like big, huggable shaggy teddy bears. They actually literally hug you by wrapping their front leg around yours, and they may try to stand up and hug you with both legs . These giants are so affectionate they think they are lap dogs and you will often find yourself with a 100 pounds of wagging fur climbing into your lap on the couch if you let them. They love to nap and relax, and sleep on their backs next to your bed. They are very gentle around kids and show extreme patience with them. However, due to their large size and desire to be playing, they may get too rough.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are generally healthy dogs, and when they come from screened breeding stock tend to have the best chances of living to their life expectancy of 8- 10 years. They are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, blood disorders, Von Willebrands Disease, some cancers, gastric torsions (bloat) and progressive retinal atrophy. Large breeds in general have health concerns, therefore Careful selection of your puppy and an active lifestyle is very important.

You truly will feel blessed with this strikingly beautiful , versatile, majestic dog.

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